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As VEmpire Malaysia proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on a remarkable journey that began in 2013. Founded by the visionary Zac Oh, the company has evolved from a single vape store to a thriving network of 100 outlets across West Malaysia and East Malaysia by 2015.

Zac Oh, Founder of VEMPIRE Malaysia

The Humble Beginnings

The inaugural vape store opened its doors in Setiawalk Puchong, setting the stage for VEmpire's commitment to providing quality products and exceptional service. From the outset, the company strategically focused on planning a robust distribution business, laying the foundation for its future success.

Global Expansion

In 2016, Vempire embarked on an ambitious venture, establishing open-chain stores in diverse international locations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Yemen, and London. This global footprint not only showcased Vempire's dedication to reaching vaping enthusiasts worldwide but also solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

The AKSO Collaboration

A pivotal moment in VEmpire's history occurred in 2018 when the company collaborated with Martin, Hcigar from China, resulting in the creation of the renowned brand AKSO. This collaboration brought forth a line of products that quickly gained prominence, making AKSO a well-known and respected brand in Malaysia.

Ambassadorial Triumphs

VEmpire's commitment to excellence was further solidified in 2021 when renowned actor Dato' Aaron Aziz partnered with the brand as an AKSO ambassador. Fast forward to 2023, and the company is proud to announce two new additions to its ambassadorial lineup. Geek Mamu Sharnaaz Ahmad has joined as the Geekbar PSG ambassador, while Izuan Razali has been elevated to the position of Vapengin ambassador, showcasing the brand's ongoing commitment to collaboration and innovation.

AKSO Malaysia Ambassador, Dato' Aaron Aziz

Geek Bar Malaysia Ambassador, Sharnaaz Ahmad

Vapengin Malaysia Ambassador, Izuan Razali

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate a decade of growth, innovation, and success, VEmpire Malaysia remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the vaping industry. From a single store to an extensive network, Vempire's journey exemplifies resilience, vision, and a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional products and experiences.

Join us in commemorating 10 years of excellence, and here's to many more years of shaping the future of vaping together!

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Jane Kan Boon Ee
Jane Kan Boon Ee
Nov 29, 2023

Happy 10th Anniversary to Vempire!


Munirah Ashaari
Munirah Ashaari
Nov 28, 2023

Truly REMARKABLE! Congratulations VEMPIRE & Happy 10th Anniversary!

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