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VEMPIRE Malaysia firmly believes in marketing our product exclusively to adult consumers and refrains from targeting anyone under 18. This is done responsibly, considering we would want the same for a future holistic lifestyle.




We respect the freedom of choice for adults who choose to seek an alternative lifestyle option and believe they should receive accurate information about their purchases. We engage with them appropriately to communicate information about our brands.


Our focus is on adult consumers, who are at the center of our decision-making. We invest time and effort in understanding their preferences, acknowledging that they make informed choices about the product and brands.


Our marketing strategy is not about promoting the product itself but rather our brands. Given the established nature of the product category, we recognize the importance of engaging with informed customers who have already chosen a holistic lifestyle.


We prioritize retaining the loyalty of our customers and attracting them from competing brands. Our brands are valuable assets, and we take care to position them intelligently to adult consumers.

In addition to adhering to legal requirements and voluntary marketing codes, we have long followed a set of clear marketing standards. As societal expectations regarding industry marketing evolve, so does our approach in line with responsible practices.

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