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Discover the World of Geekvape: Introducing Geekbar PSG!

Welcome to the forefront of vaping innovation with Geekbar PSG, the trailblazing disposable pod from the renowned Geekvape, setting a new standard in the vaping industry. Since its inception in July 2023, Geekbar PSG has captivated the hearts of vapers worldwide, carving a niche as the pioneer in disposable pods.

A Pioneering Collaboration: Geekvape x PSG

Geekbar PSG made history by teaming up with the iconic football powerhouse, PSG, for an unforgettable collaboration. This groundbreaking partnership birthed the world's first disposable pod with a digital pad in its sample box. The innovative design left our live reviewers and audiences awe-struck, setting Geekbar PSG apart from the rest.

Smart Features for Discerning Vapers

Geekbar PSG goes beyond the ordinary, boasting a smart screen indicator for real-time monitoring of liquid and battery status. With customizable airflow adjustments, vapers can tailor their experience to achieve the perfect flavor profile. Geekbar PSG ensures a seamless and personalized vaping journey.

Geekbar PSG Ambassador: Sharnaaz Geek Mamu

In July 2023, we proudly welcomed Sharnaaz Geek Mamu as the official Geekbar PSG ambassador. His association elevated the brand image, introducing Geekbar to a broader audience of new vapers. The response was phenomenal, propelling Geekbar PSG into the spotlight and skyrocketing sales.

Geekbar Hero: The Aston Martin Collaboration

August 2023 brought exciting news as Geekvape announced a collaboration with Aston Martin for the Geekbar Hero new flavor version. This partnership with the prestigious automotive brand added a touch of luxury to the vaping experience, making Geekbar PSG a true standout in the industry.

Cool Vibes with Ice Series Flavor

October 2023 saw the introduction of the Ice Series flavor, catering to the preferences of ice enthusiasts. Geekbar PSG continued to push boundaries, offering a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every palate.

Mynews Geekbar Launching Event

November 2023 marked a milestone as Mynews organized an exclusive Geekbar Launching Event at HQ Mynews Kota Damansara. Sharnaaz Geek Mamu graced the occasion, interacting with Mynews staff and supporters, creating an unforgettable experience.

Dive into the Flavorful Future: 6 Latest Flavors

December 2023 brought a delightful surprise with the release of six new flavors. Geekbar PSG enthusiasts can embark on a flavor-packed journey, exploring exciting and unique taste profiles.

Championing Memories, Inspiring Returns

Geekbar PSG is not just a disposable pod; it's a commitment to excellence. We strive to create memorable experiences that keep our supporters coming back. With unwavering determination, Geekbar PSG continues its journey, setting new goals and achieving new heights.

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