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Unveiling the King X Journey: From 7500 to Pro, Defying Limitations

The Birth of King X 7500

In the scorching heat of July 2022, King X 7500 emerged as a game-changer in the world of vaping. A disposable pod boasting adjustable airflow and a rechargeable battery, it quickly won the hearts of enthusiasts with an initial lineup of 6 flavors. What began as a spark evolved into a blazing trail, adding new flavors every few months, culminating in a tantalizing array of 17 choices for our users.

Muay Thai F3 Sponsorship

King X 7500's journey took a thrilling turn when King X joined the Muay Thai F3 event on July 24, 2022. Becoming a sponsor for the competition, King X not only supported the event but also left an indelible mark by providing 30 lanyards for the organizers, enhancing the medals ceremony. This strategic move showcased the King X brand on live media coverage and in the social media posts of an engaged audience.

Velocity Car Show Triumph

November 2022 witnessed King X's triumph at the Velocity Car Show, Malaysia's grandest automotive event. Unveiling 6 new flavors, 3 additional ones, and 3 refreshing Ice series flavors, King X stole the spotlight. The launch was more than successful, capturing the attention of the crowd. To sweeten the deal, a special promo offered free King X lanyards, T-shirts, and stickers with multiple purchases, leaving a lasting impression on the audience who eagerly recommended our new flavors to their circles.

The Evolution: King X Pro

November 2023 marked a new chapter with the birth of King X Pro, a device that redefined vaping. Equipped with a smart screen indicator, a booster button for flavor enhancement, and an auto-lock system for safety, King X Pro allowed users to take control of their vaping experience. The adjustable airflow ensured a smooth and personalized flavor journey.

King X Pro's Epic Journey

On November 11, 2023, the King X Pro adventure unfolded. Our 1st stop: Saloma Bridge and Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. 8 stylish King X Pro models stole the show, capturing the attention of curious onlookers and leaving them awestruck. The journey continued with a photo shoot at Ampang Park Skate Park, where extreme skaters and our models merged for an electrifying visual spectacle. The third leg took us to Port Dickson, where 30 bikers joined a Bike Convoy, adorned with King X Pro T-shirts and flags, creating a visually stunning spectacle at every RNR area.

Enduring the Journey

The King X Pro adventure is an unstoppable force, defying limitations and pushing boundaries. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and captivate the world with our unparalleled vaping experiences. Join us on this thrilling journey, where each moment is a celebration of flavor, style, and pushing beyond what's thought possible. King X – Reign Supreme.

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