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The Innovation of Vapengin

Introducing the Evolution of Vapengin: A Journey of Innovation

At Vapengin, our commitment to excellence and innovation has been unwavering since the inception of our first model, the Vapengin 5500, in January 2022. This groundbreaking device quickly rose to prominence, becoming a sought-after item at Vempire Stores upon its launch. However, our journey was only just beginning.

The Sweet Symphony of Success: Caramel Popcorn Takes Center Stage

March 2022 marked a pivotal moment as the delectable signature flavor, Caramel Popcorn, danced its way into the hearts of our Vapengin supporters. It swiftly evolved from a mere flavor to an iconic symbol, intertwining with every Vapengin product and becoming an indelible part of our legacy.

Vapengin Jupiter 6000: Pod System Revolution

September 2022 marked a pivotal moment in our history with the launch of Vapengin Jupiter 6000, our first closed pod system. This revolutionary device introduced the concept of switching flavor cartridges according to personal preferences, offering a dynamic and customizable vaping experience. Beyond the realm of vaping, Vapengin ventured into diverse categories, sponsoring events in the automotive, motorcycle, and concert spheres.

Vapengin Pluto: Smart Innovation Unleashed

In May 2023, Vapengin once again shattered boundaries with the introduction of Vapengin Pluto. This cutting-edge device boasts a smart screen indicator, providing users with real-time monitoring of liquid and battery status. A testament to our commitment to technological advancement, Vapengin Pluto represents a leap forward in the vaping experience.

Vapengin Jupiter 2: Elevating the Vaping Experience

A year later, we proudly present Vapengin Jupiter 2, the second model in the Jupiter series. This high-tech marvel combines ergonomic style with enhanced functionality, meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With a smart screen indicator for instant liquid and battery balance checks, customers can seamlessly switch between their favorite flavors at will. To add to the excitement, social media influencer Izuan Razali has been elevated to the prestigious role of Vapengin Jupiter 2 Ambassador, opening doors to new audiences and amplifying the Vapengin brand.

Innovation Never Rests: A Call to Our Vapengin Supporters

As we celebrate our journey, we extend our gratitude to the unwavering support of our Vapengin enthusiasts. The path of innovation never rests, and together, we invite you to continue this mind-flexing adventure with Vapengin. Let's keep pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and creating a legacy that echoes the spirit of Vapengin. Your journey with us has only just begun!

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