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Shafiq Jailani

Chief Operating Officer

With a decade-long tenure and a diverse progression from retail staff to Chief Operating Officer, Shafiq's bring a comprehensive understanding of retail operations and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. His journey, starting from the sales floor in 2015 and evolving through various managerial roles, reflects his commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Proficient in recruitment, coaching, and operational management, he is excel in fostering high-performing teams and driving organizational success. Transitioning from a career in music production at EML Recordings underscores his adaptability and ability to thrive in new environments. What sets Shafiq's apart is his holistic approach, blending soft skills such as communication and team management with a competitive drive and a passion for operational excellence. Beyond work, he find joy in camping, go-karting, and savoring a good cup of coffee. As Chief Operating Officer, he is uniquely positioned to lead the company to new heights, leveraging his expertise and diverse skill set.

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