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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

On November 23rd, 2023, VEmpire Malaysia once again made its mark with the Geek Bar Malaysia Launch Event in collaboration with myNEWS Malaysia. The event featured Geek Bar Malaysia Ambassador, Sharnaaz Ahmad, aka The Geek Mamu, sharing this epic moment with the esteemed Top Management team of myNEWS Malaysia: Deputy CEO Mr. Dang Tai Wen, General Manager Ms. Lim Ray Hoon, and Consultant in Marketing and Sales, Mr. Mohd Suffian Bin Suboh. The Geekvape Top Management team, led by Marketing Director Mr. Potti Lan, graced the event alongside Alan and Alice. Adding to the excitement, over 60 Operations Managers from various states joined us, bringing high-energy enthusiasm that soared over the roof!

Geek Bar Malaysia Ambassador Sharnaaz Ahmad a.k.a Geek Mamu

Geekvape Marketing Director Mr.Potti Lan

VEmpire Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Ms.Daphenie Tan

Front row, from the left: Alan, Mr. Potti Lan & Ms.Daphenie Tan

Breathe like a champion!

Geek Mamu, alongside Munirah Ashaari, Chief Marketing Officer of VEmpire Malaysia, presented Geek Bar's top-selling disposable, the Geek Bar PSG9000, and introduced another series called Geek Bar Heroes to everyone. Living up to its tagline 'Breathe Like a Champion', Geek Bar made an exclusive collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain and Aston Martin AMR series. The Geek Bar lineup undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression by providing the best and latest technology the industry has to offer.

Geek Mamu presenting a Geek Bar hologram gimmick

Vempire Chief Marketing Officer, Munirah Ashaari co-present with Geek Mamu on the product features.

They said when you bring the house down, you did a brilliant job.

It's not a Geek Bar event without fun and games! We organized two exciting activities. The first was 'Blind Tasting,' where participants had to guess Geek Bar's pod flavors. It was truly impressive to see each of them ace the tasting test. The second game was 'Blind Penalty,' where they played indoor football blindfolded, aiming for our cute mini goal post.

There was so much laughter and fantastic moments shared together that eventually, we noticed the entire HQ myNEWS team had joined us in the hall, celebrating this wonderful event.

myNEWS Malaysia Deputy Group CEO, Mr. Dang Tai Wen and Geek Mamu

Geek Mamu and myNEWS Team

Penalty Blind Folded Game

Geek Mamu and Fans

Thank You Note

With utmost gratitude, VEmpire Malaysia would like to thank myNEWS Malaysia, Geekvape, and Geek Mamu for your incredible support. Your presence undoubtedly contributed to making it a memorable and highly successful occasion.

From left: Alan, Daphenie Tan, Geek Mamu, Mr.Potti Lan, Mr. Teo Sing Hong, Amyra, Alice, Ms.Lim Ray Hoon & Munirah Ashaari.



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Jane Kan Boon Ee
Jane Kan Boon Ee
Nov 29, 2023

Wow! It's a great news to hear that Mynews, Sharnaaz and Vempire collaboration together!


Nov 26, 2023

Puffing on my GeekBar Ice Popsicle right as I stumbled upon this article! Congratulations on yet another milestone, Vempire! — Always pushing the envelope within the industry & setting new standards for excellence. Kudos!


Haziq Althaqif
Haziq Althaqif
Nov 26, 2023

Congratulations to Geekbar for the fantastic collaboration with My News! As a devoted fan of Geekbar, I truly appreciate the exquisite flavors and innovative devices. Knowing that purchasing the products will be easier now is truly exciting. You guys are the best!

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