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General Manager of Finance

Roslina, the astute leader at the helm of VEmpire's financial operations, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as General Manager of Finance. With a solid foundation in Science & Computer from UiTM, Roslina's professional journey began at Fujisan Distributor, followed by roles at an audit firm and The Store, where she honed her accounting acumen. Since joining VEmpire in 2015 as a Junior Account Executive, Roslina's unwavering dedication has seen her rise through the ranks over 9 years. Today, she leads a team of 7 proficient professionals, guiding the company's financial strategies with finesse.

Roslina finds fulfillment in her family's embrace, cherishing moments spent with them. Driven by a passion for growth, she approaches her work with enthusiasm, viewing each challenge as an opportunity for advancement.

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